week 20- A love letter to Mark & Davene

I am writing this post a week after Valentine’s day, but a love letter does not have an expiring day. 🙂
It’s Valentine’s and to be honest I don’t care about it…but since love is in the air I grabbed the date as an excuse to write this short “love” post. There it goes:

Dear Davene and Mark, I am writing this short post to let you know that I am in “love” with Mark :-)…Ups, please don’t take me wrong…wait, wait, I explain: I love Mark’s sense of humour, that’s all!!!! 🙂 . But that’s actually not all at all , because I love you too 🙂 and the MKMMA team ; my guide Luc Griffet, and all the “whole,perfect, strong, powerful,loving, harmonious and happy” new friends I have made here….but above all, I LOVE this course!!!You have all gained a place in my heart and you have definitely helped me with that extra “push” I needed to start changing my life. For this reason seeing this course approaching to an end is hard to accept. Yes, it’s like true love: letting go is not so easy to do!
But as I have recently read somewhere: “Letting Go Of Love With Love” is all that is necessary! 🙂

I feel blessed.


week 15, 16- Kindness

It is incredible how the Universe plays with us, and this is my story for this week:
I have always been a kind person (so I think!) and together with gratitude everyday I also  practice kindness. I like to be kind and generous to people. I always did and I do it great pleasure and waited nothing in return. That´s why I so well identify myself with the Giving and Receiving card. Fits me as a glove.So, one of my PPN´s is actually “Helping Others”. My DMP plan for “helping others” was to set up my own Coaching business, but I guess the Universe has other plans for me..at least for now.

I am writing this post a few weeks later, because of the sudden changes in my life I did not have time not the mindset to share my week. So, let me try put it short as I feel very very unconformable writing this down because I do not want to use negative words and I don´t want to attract negativity  (I am constantly applying the law of substitution…it has been a good exercise for that, though). So, just before Christmas my partner was given a “present”: a very difficult present to accept though. He learned that he would have to go through a delicate surgery and it would have to be done asap.  It was a shock , it was Christmas, we had plans to go to visit family and we found ourselves stuck and alone, in Brussels “digesting” the news.

My partner was so distressed that I soon realised that I had an important mission: I have to help him!!! I have to help him with all my strength and I have to apply all I have learned so far in the MKMMA. The first person I thought about was my wonderful guide, Luc to whom I can not thank enough.

My partner is a computer scientist a very “down to earth” pragmatic person while I am a more spiritual person. I believe in meditation and I believe our mind has the power to change our reality. My partner is not so sure about all this (or he was not) but after the bad news I have managed to make him meditate and we even did it together. It was so good and it helped him so much in the acceptance process of his illness.

Since January 11 my days have been passed in and out of the hospital. Hospitals are those places where you can see acts of kindness and where you can practice kindness. This week I did both: I was the observer and I was an active player. I did see so much and I did give so much kindness. It was so incredibly amazing!

I, for some strange reason, “like” Hospitals. Actually what I like about hospitals is the  work of the nurses and the volunteers. I admire them so much. When I came to live in Brussels I actually thought of enrolling at the nurse school…unfortunately I think now is too late…but I wish I had. Maybe my “helping others” as more to do with that.

So, this week and the coming weeks I will practice kindness and I will see kindness everywhere. The MKMMA Kindness week couldn´t have been more timing.

week 13- Gratitude

Gratitude is something I have been practicing for a few years now. I sometimes feel so grateful for all I have and for being alive that I get tears in my eyes. I am honest! I find gratitude one of the most beautiful things one can have and I find it hard to understand why some people don´t feel grateful for what they have…they just complain.
I often think of how lucky I am for all I have. And I accept what I don´t have. I am even grateful for that! Sounds strange, no?

I am always grateful and I have so much gratitude to give away.



Week 11 -I gotta try, try and try

Today is Monday (Dec 5th) and this is how my week has started:  while walking in sunny Brussels, I was suddenly “bombarded” by red circles. Isn’t it amazing? I could´nt believe my eyes. It feels like the Law of Attraction is really working , testing me and telling me to keep trying , trying and trying. “Don´t give up Patricia because this is for real. It is not some crazy beliefs. It is true. It is out there to show you that we can attract what we think about.”img_20161205_214050

If these are just the first testing signs what else is to come?? I can´t wait to see.
So, I won´t give up. I am now in this process up to the end. Liberty, Helping Others….colours, shapes…vision board…they are all there to show me the way! Please be my guests. My Life can´t wait to embrace you all!

I am so grateful to LIFE. Namaste.

week 10:”Helping Others” and the Law of Substitution

I feel great this week. I am in love with the Gall in the Glass and with all the exercises. I confess I feel a bit overwhelmed and excited with so much going on that , at times, I feel lost but I persist. I persist because I don´t want to miss this chance of making a change in my life. Let me grab this opportunity. Nobody can´t stop me now!

Scroll II is really powerful and has a strong effect on me. I am so grateful to life for all that I have that I greet the everyday Universe with Love in my heart.

I would like to share with you something incredible that happened to me this week. Well, one of my PPNs is “Helping Others” and guess what?: this week I had to put it into practice by helping a blind person in the metro. I felt so happy and so proud of myself. The law of attraction is really working. It was testing me!!

The most difficult exercise for me so far is applying the Law of Substitution. I try really hard but when you live with someone that is always moody and complaining, there´s no Law that can resist: trust me!! For as hard as I try I keep starting from zero. Will I every pass day 1? Anyone out there with the same problem and are there some good tips on how to overcome day 1?
Apart from that, I feel good and more confident.

A huge hug from cold Brussels where Christmas magic has started.

week 9 – I am back into business

“I will great this day with love in my heart”
Gosh I feel so good because I did not let my old subby win and I am back in full strength. I love this course it gives me so much energy.
I must get action and I must find a way to keep track on what I missed out.
I am now ADDICTED to the exercises!
One of the most amazing experiences for me so far has been to read the GAL IN THE GLASS. When I read it tears come to my eyes. One thing I know now is that I don´t want to cheat the girl in the glass!

Week 4 – Help I am starting to give up!

Here we are in week 4.

Help!!!!! I am slowly starting to give up and I don´t want to, but my old bad habits are wining and I feel so lazy and weak to fight back.  I have got to do something about this! Help!

One positive this is that last night (Tuesday) I had my very first presentation about what I want to do in Life : Life Coaching. It was nice to meet with this , although rather small , group of women entrepreneurs and talk about myself and my future job. Life Coaching is on my DMP. I am slowly starting to making it happen, so I can not give myself up to my old bad habits. I have to keep the fire burning. I have to move from my chair. I have a dream I want to make come true. I have to WIN over my old and bad habits.