Week 1 -Starting a new life

Hi, this is a an exciting day! The start of a new life.

I am so happy to start MMA course that I feel I have not enough words in my poor English to describe it. This course came into my life just like a miracle or shall I admit it was the Universal Law of Attraction? I like to put it this way: ” The miracle of the Law of Attraction”. The Law of Attraction really makes miracles. I actually have to thank Chiara Capello. We were definitely on the same wave length and our minds connected. Life brings people together for some reason.

I loved the first webinar and I am sure this week 1 is going to be awesome!

But it is not easy to set our goals.Writing my first DMP is very challenging.  As in my case I have so many things I want to accomplish in Life, sometimes is overwhelming and I don’t know where to start! I want to do everything!  I wish I could live long enough to see all my dreams come true. Or perhaps I should just get started and make my dreams come true while I am in this physical body.

One thing I know for sure: I don’t want to waste my time been a housewife. I WANT MORE! I want to be financially free. I want to feel that I AM WORTH IT.  I want to feel important and I want to make the difference in other peoples life’s. All this thoughts started to hit my mind like rockets and I felt a strong will to start writing my DMP. What would make me feel joyful and complete? The answer came so easily: I want to be a Life Coach. I then started to write the first draft and with it came so many questions and doubts too. I know I am a good listener (at least those who know me say so) and I like to help others but how am I going to make the difference as a Life Coach when there are so many Life Coaches here in Brussels? Competition is high here and I am new to this. So,more and more questions and doubts started to pop up in my mind like pop corn….Am I asking too much? Am I aiming too high? Or on the contrary I am not ambitious enough?

Let’s see what my guide will tell me. However one thing I know for sure: I want to give it a try and I want to WIN!


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