Week 3 – It is getting though!

Week 3 is here …already half way through. Gosh how time flies.

This week I did not do has planned. Actually I have to confess I am finding hard to keep up with all the exercises. And we now also have to add to it our Index cards and week tasks and the movie trailer…. Oh , I was a very bad student this week!  But I am not going to let this bring me down. I have to keep the “fire burning”!

I am still review my DMP with my PPNs and it seems to be getting there, eventhough I am not sure if I am being ambitious enough. I don´t feel so much the need of having to have millions on my bank account, Yes I know that money counts but I am,at the moment, more worried about my future career. My goal is to be financially free and help others.


1 thought on “Week 3 – It is getting though!

  1. I remember before all of this started I told myself thousands times, I am so so so ready to do it !!!!. It is hard indeed but it worth it a million and when I struggle with something, I’m telling to myself, ‘ey old blueprint, you have to go away, you are not the boss anymore, I am the one in charge now’. So well done .


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