Week 4 – Help I am starting to give up!

Here we are in week 4.

Help!!!!! I am slowly starting to give up and I don´t want to, but my old bad habits are wining and I feel so lazy and weak to fight back.  I have got to do something about this! Help!

One positive this is that last night (Tuesday) I had my very first presentation about what I want to do in Life : Life Coaching. It was nice to meet with this , although rather small , group of women entrepreneurs and talk about myself and my future job. Life Coaching is on my DMP. I am slowly starting to making it happen, so I can not give myself up to my old bad habits. I have to keep the fire burning. I have to move from my chair. I have a dream I want to make come true. I have to WIN over my old and bad habits.



7 thoughts on “Week 4 – Help I am starting to give up!

  1. Hi, listen you’re doing well, you do your best and that is what we are asked to do. So donot give up. I am here and if you feel like chatting, let’s exchange. We could do a Skype whenever you want. Cheer up. Regards. Myriam


  2. Patricia, the simple fact that you recognize that your old habits are still there is the true sign that your subconscious mind HAS started to move in the good direction! You are honest with yourself and you recognize the challenge, that is HUGE and wonderful! Please, don’t expect that you will be able to get rid of your bad habits, which digged a deep furrow in your subconscious mind since many years, in just a few weeks! That was the bad news…Now the good news is that the MKMMA exercises, if you JUST DO IT with faith, will allow you to progressively replace your bad habits forever, EFFORTLESSLY…So the simple trick is JUST DO IT, without letting your mind interfer with it. Just do your best, you can do it and you will do it, I believe in you! Thank you for your sharing and your honesty, that will help a lot of your MKMMA friends!

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  3. Hi, you are just at a cross road and think how far you have got by acknowledging what you say. I know how you feel as there are ups and downs here as well, but this is the chance to change things so hang in there and do what you can as that is your best 🙂


  4. Patricia, I understand how you are feeling. It’s a lot of work, and it is challenging to keep up. Focus on doing at least one thing consistently and celebrate your successes. I think this will help to keep you motivated and on track!

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  5. Don’t give up! This means that you’re starting observe changes. Your old self wants to default back to the way things were. I’m experiencing some of the same feelings. Hang in there. You’ll be so glad you did in the end

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