week 9 – I am back into business

“I will great this day with love in my heart”
Gosh I feel so good because I did not let my old subby win and I am back in full strength. I love this course it gives me so much energy.
I must get action and I must find a way to keep track on what I missed out.
I am now ADDICTED to the exercises!
One of the most amazing experiences for me so far has been to read the GAL IN THE GLASS. When I read it tears come to my eyes. One thing I know now is that I don´t want to cheat the girl in the glass!


13 thoughts on “week 9 – I am back into business

    • Good to hear someone has also “been there”. It feels a bit difficult to get back again and do all the exercises , specially the Press Release and the Shapes…
      But we will make it. The call is stronger than us!
      Wishing all the best. Have a great day.


  1. You are great at sharing your journey from the heart! The Gal in the Glass also been very encouraging to me. To love our neighbor is often easier than to love ourself because of the old subby habit of being self-critical. It is so very freeing to develop the new habit of loving the Gal in the glass!
    We are on that journey together, and I am very thankful fir y


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