week 10:”Helping Others” and the Law of Substitution

I feel great this week. I am in love with the Gall in the Glass and with all the exercises. I confess I feel a bit overwhelmed and excited with so much going on that , at times, I feel lost but I persist. I persist because I don´t want to miss this chance of making a change in my life. Let me grab this opportunity. Nobody can´t stop me now!

Scroll II is really powerful and has a strong effect on me. I am so grateful to life for all that I have that I greet the everyday Universe with Love in my heart.

I would like to share with you something incredible that happened to me this week. Well, one of my PPNs is “Helping Others” and guess what?: this week I had to put it into practice by helping a blind person in the metro. I felt so happy and so proud of myself. The law of attraction is really working. It was testing me!!

The most difficult exercise for me so far is applying the Law of Substitution. I try really hard but when you live with someone that is always moody and complaining, there´s no Law that can resist: trust me!! For as hard as I try I keep starting from zero. Will I every pass day 1? Anyone out there with the same problem and are there some good tips on how to overcome day 1?
Apart from that, I feel good and more confident.

A huge hug from cold Brussels where Christmas magic has started.


2 thoughts on “week 10:”Helping Others” and the Law of Substitution

  1. A suggestion that could work for your moody companion: write down a few of his best qualities and focus on these, and send him love as often as you can during the day; do this for a few days and see what happens…The mental diet is a very challenging exercise, few are really passing day 1 in the early stage of the MKMMA training, so keep persisting 🙂 Thanks for your sharing.

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