Week 11 -I gotta try, try and try

Today is Monday (Dec 5th) and this is how my week has started:  while walking in sunny Brussels, I was suddenly “bombarded” by red circles. Isn’t it amazing? I could´nt believe my eyes. It feels like the Law of Attraction is really working , testing me and telling me to keep trying , trying and trying. “Don´t give up Patricia because this is for real. It is not some crazy beliefs. It is true. It is out there to show you that we can attract what we think about.”img_20161205_214050

If these are just the first testing signs what else is to come?? I can´t wait to see.
So, I won´t give up. I am now in this process up to the end. Liberty, Helping Others….colours, shapes…vision board…they are all there to show me the way! Please be my guests. My Life can´t wait to embrace you all!

I am so grateful to LIFE. Namaste.


8 thoughts on “Week 11 -I gotta try, try and try

  1. Hi, Patricia, Loren here, one of your five friendly MKE Blog Rovers, stopping by to read,and share your latest on Twitter and Facebook. Although it has been in the background, I have been following your exploits in the field of blogging, Patricia, and must congratulate you for the great comeback you made midstream!

    Short in length though it may be, this post is, nonetheless, very inspirational – even leaning a bit on sensational! Good show!!

    I leave you with one question, “if you knew you couldn’t do it wrong, what would you do next?”

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