week 15, 16- Kindness

It is incredible how the Universe plays with us, and this is my story for this week:
I have always been a kind person (so I think!) and together with gratitude everyday I also  practice kindness. I like to be kind and generous to people. I always did and I do it great pleasure and waited nothing in return. That´s why I so well identify myself with the Giving and Receiving card. Fits me as a glove.So, one of my PPN´s is actually “Helping Others”. My DMP plan for “helping others” was to set up my own Coaching business, but I guess the Universe has other plans for me..at least for now.

I am writing this post a few weeks later, because of the sudden changes in my life I did not have time not the mindset to share my week. So, let me try put it short as I feel very very unconformable writing this down because I do not want to use negative words and I don´t want to attract negativity  (I am constantly applying the law of substitution…it has been a good exercise for that, though). So, just before Christmas my partner was given a “present”: a very difficult present to accept though. He learned that he would have to go through a delicate surgery and it would have to be done asap.  It was a shock , it was Christmas, we had plans to go to visit family and we found ourselves stuck and alone, in Brussels “digesting” the news.

My partner was so distressed that I soon realised that I had an important mission: I have to help him!!! I have to help him with all my strength and I have to apply all I have learned so far in the MKMMA. The first person I thought about was my wonderful guide, Luc to whom I can not thank enough.

My partner is a computer scientist a very “down to earth” pragmatic person while I am a more spiritual person. I believe in meditation and I believe our mind has the power to change our reality. My partner is not so sure about all this (or he was not) but after the bad news I have managed to make him meditate and we even did it together. It was so good and it helped him so much in the acceptance process of his illness.

Since January 11 my days have been passed in and out of the hospital. Hospitals are those places where you can see acts of kindness and where you can practice kindness. This week I did both: I was the observer and I was an active player. I did see so much and I did give so much kindness. It was so incredibly amazing!

I, for some strange reason, “like” Hospitals. Actually what I like about hospitals is the  work of the nurses and the volunteers. I admire them so much. When I came to live in Brussels I actually thought of enrolling at the nurse school…unfortunately I think now is too late…but I wish I had. Maybe my “helping others” as more to do with that.

So, this week and the coming weeks I will practice kindness and I will see kindness everywhere. The MKMMA Kindness week couldn´t have been more timing.


8 thoughts on “week 15, 16- Kindness

  1. The Christmas “present” of your husband was probably there to inspire you and him to express the best of yourself, and you are both doing it wonderfully, this is a great thing! And about the nurse school, if you feel strongly attracted by something, I believe it is never too late to follow your deepest desires…Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  2. Great perspective. You may feel as though you have a missed opportunity or that this is a detour from your path, but instead, maybe it is just another curve in the road or a sign or your true self. Thank you for sharing your story and blessings to your family.

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  3. Aloha, Patricia! Loren from Blog Roverville is here!

    Have you ever experienced anything comparable to MKMMA?, I know I haven’t! So many powerful concepts to tease the mind, move the body, and arouse the spirit.

    If you attended the week 17HJ webinar, then you might recall hearing “Don’t play small, answer the call!”

    Doesn’t mean that much, until one knows the context. Then you realize it means everything, because it’s the call to take the hero’s journey – the journey to reclaim our authentic self – the part of us that knows why we are here. It’s not to find the meaning of life. It’s to give meaning to life by knowing exactly what we need to be doing to make the most of our unique, magnificent potential to serve others; and in so doing serve ourselves. Sorry, for pretending not to know that you already know this. Some things just tend to bubble out, and this is one of them.

    According to Og, “YOU ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE!” Do you believe him? Whether you do, or don’t, why? I believe him, and that’s why I believe in you. The love you expressed with your husband during a difficult time and your kindness tells me you’re heading down the home stretch and building momentum! That’s sublime!!


  4. Wow Patricia,you are amazing! You are making the most of the difficult situation, bringing more harmony in your family. You are an example for that. Follow your heart desires, follow your Bliss! A big hug to you and your partner.


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