week 20- A love letter to Mark & Davene

I am writing this post a week after Valentine’s day, but a love letter does not have an expiring day. šŸ™‚
It’s Valentine’s and to be honest I don’t care about it…but since love is in the air I grabbed the date as an excuse to write this short “love” post. There it goes:

Dear Davene and Mark, I am writing this short post to let you know that I am in “love” with Mark :-)…Ups, please don’t take me wrong…wait, wait, I explain: I love Mark’s sense of humour, that’s all!!!! šŸ™‚ . But that’s actually not all at all , because I love you too šŸ™‚ and the MKMMA team ; my guide Luc Griffet, and all the “whole,perfect, strong, powerful,loving, harmonious and happy” new friends I have made here….but above all, I LOVE this course!!!You have all gained a place in my heart and you have definitely helped me with that extra “push” I needed to start changing my life. For this reason seeing this course approaching to an end is hard to accept. Yes, it’s like true love: letting go is not so easy to do!
But as I have recently read somewhere: “Letting Go Of Love With Love” is all that is necessary! šŸ™‚

I feel blessed.


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