I am Portuguese and the mother of a lovely 5 year old girl. I have a Ph.D in Architecture and I am a Life Coach.  Since 2011 I live in Brussels, Belgium.

However, before coming to Belgium I have also lived in England (Liverpool and Nottingham), Italy (Venice) and Sweden (Göteborg). As you can imagine travel is one of my passions.

This last 5 years in Belgium were emotionally stressful for me: no job, no family near to help and found myself at home with a small baby. I did not sleep for 3 long years and I still wonder how I did survive to all those sleepless nights. The power of our body and mind is incredible. I did not know I was actually so brave, mentally balanced and strong to have not ended in a hospital.

But that is past and I am now “re-borning from the ashes” as I like to say (with a smile on my face) , when people ask me how I am doing.  This year has been a year of important decisions and the start of a long wished spiritual path. And so, at the age of 43, I have realised how much I would love to set my own business.  I have recently done a Life Coaching course which has helped me to start viewing my life in a different way. It was one of the most important courses I did in my life. It was at this point that I  decided that I would love to create my professional path in Life Coaching. But Life Coaching is just one of my many dreams….yes, I have so many different dreams I would love to make come true that it is actually kind of overwhelming.  Will I live enough to make them come true?

I hope the Master Mind Alliance course will give me the key to my success. I just can’t wait to see the results of this great journey.