Press Release

December 2018, interview with Patricia Veiga by Marie Forleo

Hi everyone, I am Marie Forleo and here I am in Brussels getting ready to interview life coach Patricia Veiga. I am super excited to meet her and learn about her success. I just can´t wait.
To add to all this excitement the weather is amazing here in Brussels. The sun has greeted us on this summer day and Patricia welcomes our team in her beautiful house with a lovely south facing garden. This place is magical and there´s a feeling of peace. Patricia has prepared tea/coffee and biscuits for us and we are now settled in her garden ready to start this incredible interview with this very inspiring women.

Marie Forleo: Hi Patricia. Thank you so much for allowing us your time to make this interview and for such a nice welcome in your house. You have such a nice place. This house is peace on earth.

Patricia: Thank you Marie. I am happy you like it. It is a pleasure to have you here. Actually it seems unreal to me. I followed you on the internet and always dreamed of being interview by you and here I am having my dream has come true. I am grateful!

Marie Forleo: We are the ones grateful for this opportunity to interview you and hear you story. I am sure your story will inspire many women out there looking for a change in their lifes. So please tell us how all this started.

Patricia: Yes. Weel, I don´t actually have a precise date for all this. I have many dreams but just did not know how to out them into practice.

Marie Forleo: What do you mean?

Patricia: Every day I wake up with a new idea. I was overwhelmed with ideas. In all my ideas I involved my friends. I wanted them to be part of my dreams and help them come true. But after all the excitement I was so tired and I